Inkscape 0.47 released

Inkscape 0.47 released

The day of big releases continues. A long anticipated new version of Inkscape is out.

Changes include, but are not limited to:

  • new Eraser tool (supports Wacom tablets);
  • boolean modes in Callygraphic Pen
  • new modes of the Tweak tool;
  • over 200 SVG Filter presets;
  • a bunch of new live path effects;
  • Spiro splines (as LPE) to create smooth shapes, as both Pen and Pencil modes too;
  • on-canvas editing of masks and clippaths without reapplying;
  • quite a few new extensions, including rendering of OBJ files;
  • export to JavaFX, export to HPGL and PLT, improved export to DXF;
  • newly added DXF importing (R13, but some R12 works too).

The project has enough new functionality to release 0.48, but there should be an insane lot of testing first.


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