IfcOpenShell, open source BIM project, is seeking help

Ever wondered if there could be a fully open source building information modeling (BIM) solution? It's right here, it's called IfcOpenShell and it could do with some assistance.

Thomas Krijnen, developer of a recently started project called IfcOpenShell blogged to ask for community's help. He is interested in all kinds of help: creating IFC files for testing, actually testing and reporting bugs and feature requests, providing builds, writings docs. As a last resort, you can send patches or donate money :)

IFC opened in Blender

Apart from standalone IFC to OBJ converter the project provides a working IFC importer for Blender. The tool itself is based on OpenCASCADE framework.

Now that Blender is getting increasing attention as architecture visualization and rapid design tool, it's entirely up to the community if Blender as part of BIM workflow can succeed. Therefore if you are in this business and interested in Blender, we do encourage you to get in touch with the project and find out how you can help them to help you.

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  1. Looks like promising, we certainly need a BIM tool that allow us to work easily with IFC files.
    It will be good to know how this venture is going.

  2. Look out for V-Ray for Revit. It looks more promising than anything for Visualization.

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