Hugin 2011.0.0 adds editing on panosphere and more

Hugin 2011.0.0 adds editing on panosphere and more

Hugin 2011.0.0, a popular free panorama stitcher, was finally released yesterday despite of some known issues. This version features the last Google Summer of Code 2010 project, so the team is now ready to grab whatever comes out of GSoC 2011 with both hands.

The changes, in short, are: improved built-in control points generator which works nicely with wideangle (FOV >65°) pictures, previewing and editing position of images on panosphere in the fast preview dialog, registration of stereo images, new Thoby projection modeling 10.5mm Nikkor fisheye lens, and assorted smaller improvements and bugfixes.

For more details please read the official announcement.

At the moment of publishing this news both source code and Windows installers builds are available, with builds for Fedora and OpenSUSE available separately. Mac builds are not available yet.

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