Hugin gets more GPU based processing

Hugin gets more GPU based processing

New stable version of Hugin is out with several significant improvements over the past versions.

The changes are:

  • new versioning scheme: Hugin has been usable for a long of time and thus the 0.x one hat shouted BETA! UNSTABLE! to you wasn't making sense.
  • reprojection and distortions by nona can optionally be done with GPU now, this is a highly experimental feature (here is a video from LGM2009 talk);
  • automatic control points detectors are managed using profiles now;
  • you can now choose what to run first — Enblend or Enfuse;
  • most meaningful Exif metadata is now displayed in Images tab;
  • various bugfixes applied.

The next stable version (to be released later this year) will feature some GSoC2009 projects.

You can download source code.

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