Holiday greetings

Holiday greetings

Here at LGW we quickly scanned through Christmas and holiday greetings article and felt that it doesn't exactly help expressing what we have in mind :)

What we do have in mind, however, is that spending time with family and friends is what should be done every single day.

In the coming holidays we wish you to get away of your computer, shut it sown and let it collect some dust. And if you don't have family or friends to spend this time with, well, go get some :)

We don't exactly have plans for 2012 per se, but we have some neat ideas to try and there's still a bit of wrapping-up on 2011 to be posted. Check it out later when you're really done with feasts, throwing snowballs or making new friends (whatever they say, a snowball in the face can be a start of a beautiful friendship).

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  1. Alexandre Prokoudine 25 December 2011 at 1:14 pm

    Thanks, Antonio :)