Holiday giveaway and Blender survey results

Holiday giveaway and Blender survey results

The results of our little Blender survey are quite interesting, and we can also announce who stood against The Randomizer to win the "Mastering Blender" book by Tony Mullen.

First of all, the "Mastering Blender" book by Tony Mullen goes to Dario Soto, all the way to Venezuela. Congratulations, Dario!

The sampling of 48 people who voted isn't any serious, but the totals are still interesting.

Best 2012's features in Blender

Cycles and BMesh share the 1st place as most praised 2012 features, though technically Blender 2.61 featuring Cycles was released in December 2011.

The third most praised feature is camera and motion tracking (the Tomato branch) that was also part of the v2.61 version with further improvements in 2.62 (object tracking), 2.63 (2D stabilization), 2.64 (planar tracking, Hybrid tracker).

Other features such as Open Shading Language support or masking tools only got 1 or 2 votes at best.

Most expected features in 2013

Apparently Cycles is #1 feature people want to see improved, although for different reasons. Out of 12 votes, 4 wanted strands rendering (currently under review for 2.66), 3 wanted AMD/ATi support (unlikely to happen any time soon), 2 wanted better performance, and other weren't specific.

Dyntopo (ready for review, according to latest developers meeting notes) and BGE improvements share the second place with 7 votes each.

Interestingly enough, 3 people were interested in NPR (non-photorealistic-rendering) features: 2 voted for Freestyle integration (under review) and one expressed a hope for revitalization of the internal rendering engine.

Three more people were interested in easier work with materials and textures, referring to both easier preview and setup with nodes.

Finally, two more people would rather prefer more CAD features like dimensioning. Curiously, just one person voted for further BMesh improvements. Among other votes:

  • Shading library
  • Roller shutter correction in camera tracker
  • OpenSubdiv integration
  • More options for vertex animation
  • Merging GSoC Viewport FX
  • Easier color grading
  • Dynamic Tessellation on GPU
  • Compositor UI improvements
  • Bullet for regular animation (not BGE)
  • Better VSE
  • Better particles (use of Partio etc.)
  • Better camera projection tools / texture capture tools
  • All Bullet features
  • 3D film-making being integrated into the entire blender workflow

Thanks to everybody who participated. There will be more giveaways :)

As a side note, it would be interesting to see a survey that reaches out to a wider Blender community.

We'll probably take New Year holidays to read the book by Tony and publish a review in early January.

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