Gutenprint overhauls support for Canon printers

Gutenprint overhauls support for Canon printers

Robert Krawitz announced availability of Gutenprint 5.2.8, a free advanced printing system for UNIX and Mac.

This is the first update of Gutenprint in over a year, and it got substantial improvements in the Canon driver.

All possible combinations now work when you print with CUPS, and support for three dozens of PIXMA and BJC models got revisited. On top of that, 15 PIXMA models got CD printing support.

The printing modes are also now chosen based on the media. Page sizes and margins were adjusted for Canon printers, and all models but S series and BJC series now support borderless printing.

Borderless printing available

Speaking of new models, 95 new inkjet Canon printers got experimental support, while drivers for 21 newer Epson inkjet printers are stable.

The release also contains various bugfixes and several new translations: Chinese (Mandarin), Galician, and Ukrainian.

Full list of changes is here. Source code is available for downloading. A build for Mac will be uploaded later, and builds for Windows are possible, but are neither official, nor supported.

Gutenprint was formerly known as GIMP Print and contains a GIMP plug-in with advanced printing options. It's also used in several applications such as PhotoPrint.

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