Guitarix multi-effect processor for Linux gets built-in looper

Guitarix multi-effect processor for Linux gets built-in looper

New version of Guitarix, a free amp simulator and multi-effect pedal for Linux, features a long-anticipated 4-channel looper.

The looper is implemented as yet another effect that you can place in the stack between an amplifier and a cabinet. This implementation has both advantages and disadvantages, as you are "forced" to play both backing phrases and the main part with the same effects stack. By the way, the effect is called Dubber, and you'll find it in the Echo/Delay group.

So far the looper has recording, playback in just normal speed (reverse available). The version from Git master additionally has a position indicator and two widgets for trimming beginning/end of the recorded phrase. The screenshot above is actually from the development version (sorry about that).

On top of that Guitarix 0.28.3 got a bunch of new multiband versions of effects, both internal and LV2: DistortionEchoDelayChorus, and Compressor. Fuzz 4*oversampled was also ported to LV2.

You can fetch:

Hermann Meyer, lead developer of the project, recommends using it with a MIDI capable footswitch.

Next versions of Guitarix are likely to get various new features that are currently in the works, like a Marshall JCM800 amp simulator, or a SpecMatch app that generates impulse response files for convolution reverbs. Both features are present in the development branch, but have to be compiled separately.

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  1. It is just getting better and better. Keep it up! :)

  2. Hi Alexandre

    Thanks for mention guitarix on your blog.

    The loop plugin received recently improvements, so the plugin preset feature will now work. That mean you could save and load loop sets (format::wav) seamless.
    As well there is now a speed control.

  3. woooow i think it’s so useful !!!