gThumb 2.12.0

In case you haven't noticed, more free open source image viewers are able to edit metadata lately. With this release gThumb, a GNOME image viewer, joins that very club.

Changes in this new version are:

  • refactoring of source code for better maintainability and extendability;
  • importing and exporting from/to Picasa WebAlbums, Facebook, PhotoBucket, Flickr;
  • GNOME keyring is used for storing passwords;
  • IPTC/XMP metadata fields can be edited now;
  • audio and video files can be played finally (think about all the DSLRs and point-and-shoots that can record video files and audio comments);
  • improved filtering and sorting of image files;
  • more keyboard shortcuts;
  • other, less significant changes;
  • bugfixes.

You can download source code.

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