gPhoto 2.4.11 puts an end to tethering issues with Canon EOS

gPhoto 2.4.11 puts an end to tethering issues with Canon EOS

Full support for DSLR features has always been a bit of a problem for 3rd party software as developers had to reverse engineer things. Even Lightroom 3 had tethering support for very few cameras initially. For Linux users tethered shooting with Canon EOS series is finally a history now that new version of gPhoto is out.

Whether you are darktable 0.6+ or Rawstudio 2.0+ (more on that soon) user, capturing pictures should work as expected for you now. The only limitation is that you can't do CR2+JPEG yet, but JPEG or CR2 separately will work.

Additionally translations have been updated, and a bunch of new IDs have been added:

  • in ptp2 driver:
    • Kodak Z710, C183;
    • Nikon CoolPix S7c, P90, P100, S8000, S3000, S9100;
    • Nikon DSLR D3s, D3100, D7000;
    • Casio EX-Z65;
    • Canon Powershot SD1300 IS, SX210 IS, SX130 IS;
    • Canon EOS 60D;
    • Fuji FinePix A220, Z700EXR;
  • GigaDevice GD25Q40, GD25Q80, GD25Q16, ST M25P08, M25P16, M25P32, M25P64, Winbond W25Q80, W25Q16, W25Q32 (ax203 driver);
  • Lego Bionicle (digigr8 driver);
  • Shift3 (mars3 driver).

If you are not sure, what to do with source code, wait for updates in package repository for your Linux distribution and never hesitate to ping maintainers to package the new version. Otherwise use the links below:

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