Google Summer of Code 2011 organizations announced

Google Summer of Code 2011 organizations announced

One of the most exciting things every year regarding development is annual Google Summer of Code program that helps students around the world getting involved with free software projects. A week ago many software projects submitted an application to participate in GSoC2011 and today we finally know which ones are in.

Here is the list of the graphics related ones:

  • Blender Foundation
  • CGAL
  • Crystal Space
  • darktable
  • GIMP
  • Hugin
  • Inkscape
  • OGRE
  • OpenICC
  • OpenImageIO
  • Processing
  • Scribus

If you are into web development, you might also like:

  • Django Software Foundation
  • Drupal
  • Plone Foundation
  • TYPO3 Association


  • Mapnik
  • OpenStreetMap
  • OSGeo

Traditionally, GNOME and KDE that are also participating this year work as umbrella organizations for projects like F-Spot and digiKam.

Finally, if you are interested in other multimedia tools, the list ends with:

  • FFmpeg/Libav
  • Freeseer video recording and streaming suite
  • GStreamer
  • Simple DirectMedia Layer
  • MetaBrainz Foundation Inc.
  • Mixxx
  • VideoLAN
  • XMMS2

This page has the full list of accepted organizations. As soon as all the information is filled, you'll be able to browse complete information for every organization, including links to project ideas. Half of the projects have already provided this information. Which means I really have to go and do it for darktable right now :)

So, if you are student who is interested to be paid ($5000) for working on his/her favourite free software project since end of May till late August, check the list and contact the team to introduce yourself and pick one of the ideas or suggest your own one.

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