Google Summer of Code 2011 is over

Google Summer of Code 2011 is over

This Monday the Google Summer of Code 2011 program was officially over. Regarding main graphics organizations such as GIMP, Inkscape and Blender it was most successful: barely any losses and enough new features and polish to keep you busy checking them in weeks to come.

For some projects integration of GSoC code started even before official end of the program. First half of Robert Bieber's project ended up in darktable 0.9.1 released end of July. Same thing happened to work by Krzysztof Kosiński who boosted Inkscape's performance (except 0.49 with that code isn't out yet).

The first organization to merge new stuff was, however, KDE/Calligra Suite, who released a new unstable version of Krita image editor and painting app featuring GSoC code mere three weeks after official start of the coding peroiod.

Some other projects started merging code right after the official end of the program. E.g. "Pepper" branch of Blender was merged into trunk yesterday to be included in upcoming v2.60 currently planned for October. Ton Roosendaal already stated that he's going to publish a video review of all GSoC projects later this week.

Thus one could say that previous five years of participation at GSoC have overall finally resulted in mostly flawless organization of the process. Well, that's just experience, really. It tends to accumulate.

Oh, and by the look of it, the next couple of weeks we're going to have a hard time posting overview of what was done by GSoC students during the summer :)

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  1. boudewijnrempt 31 August 2011 at 8:55 am

    Not KOffice, but Calligra—Krita is no longer part of KOffice.

  2. Doh, silly me :) Habits are a hard thing to break.

  3. Ooookey, time for testing :)

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