GNOME Color Manager 2.91.2

GNOME Color Manager 2.91.2

Richard Hughes released a new version of GNOME Color Manager — a package of color management tools that is now part of GNOME desktop.

The main new feature of this releases are virtual ICC profiles. They are created automatically from EDID data for each connected display every time you login. But they are only used if you don't set any real ICC profiles created with a colorimeter.

Apart from numerous bugfixes and user interface improvements the other changes are:

  • defines and an image for the X-Rite DTP94 colorimeter were added;
  • virtual profiles can be generated from EDID data;
  • functions for getting and setting data on profiles can be
    used with the DICT tag now thanks to a new spec published by ICC;
  • a new function called gcm_profile_guess_and_add_vcgt() was added to emulate a VCGT from an ICC profile;
  • the profile viewer now displays color temperature;
  • XYZ values of a color are now displayed in gcm-dump-profile.

You can download the source code here.

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