G’MIC cute factor overload

G’MIC cute factor overload

It's a kind of an inside joke in the G'MIC project when David Tschumperle says that it would be the last version before a period of hiatus. Because somehow the hiatus never really starts.

So why am I talking about cute factor? It's because Mahvin of the GIMP Chat fame married the Rodilius filter (that we already covered extensively few weeks ago), and together they gave birth to a new G'MIC mascot:


The mascot called Roddy is rendered when you use a new '-roddy' command. Artificial or not, the little lad is likeable far beyond common sense.

More seriously, we skipped a whole new version with minor changes and thus we owe you a combined list of changes in and Time to pay the debt.

Most G'MIC users deal with the GIMP plug-in really, here are the new filters:

  • 'Artistic / Circlism'
  • 'Artistic / Color abstraction'
  • 'Degradations / 8bits'
  • 'Light & Shadows / Light rays'
  • 'Layers / Median' and 'Layers / Divide'
  • 'Patterns / Truchet' (yes, you don't need the old GIMP script now)

There's also about a dozen of new commands, from '-apply_camera3d' to apply a transformation matrix to a 3d object, to '-superformula3d' to render 2D curves as described in en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superformula. The complete lists of changes are here and here.

The SourceForge download page is traditionally stuffed with source code, builds for 32bit and 64bit generic Linux and Debian, Windows and Mac.

So, until the next "last version" then, eh?

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  1. You mean you *really* doubt this will be the last version released this year ?? :)

  2. @Ronounours Exactly :)

  3. Don’t forget the new SuperFormula filter just added!  :)

  4. Thanks for the kudos, Alexandre. I sincerely appreciate that.

    Let’s not forget that Roddy is just as much a tribute to Rod (of Gimp Chat fame) who’s workflow discovery made this filter possible.

    It’s amazing how “accidental discoveries” can change our graphic filter world.

    And David is a genius! ;)

  5. What I really appreciate is the nice community of motivated people who quickly adopted the G’MIC project. G’MIC is just 3 years old, and there are already lots of contributors (for filter codes, graphics, suggestions, testing, advertising :)) from many people, most of them being also active posters in the GimpChat forums :) So thanks again folks for being so creative and helpful.

  6. Thanks to G’MIC contributors and developers!
    Does anyone know if G’MIC is compatible with GIMP 2.7.4 from git?
    I got the message:
    Could not execute plug-in “gmic_gimp”
    because it uses an obsolete version of the plug-in protocol.

    Thank you.

  7. Alexandre Prokoudine 07 November 2011 at 6:23 am

    Does anyone know if G’MIC is compatible with GIMP 2.7.4 from git?

    I successfully use G’MIC with Git master/2.7.4.

  8. The problem was that I had downloaded the G’MIC binaries. Can not be used the binaries compiled for previous versions of GIMP. I’ll have to compile all plugins.