GIMP Paint Studio 1.5 beats its own record

GIMP Paint Studio 1.5 beats its own record

The very nearly almighty Ramon Miranda has finally released a huge update to his ever-in-demand GIMP Paint Studio pack of GIMP add-ons for digital artists. Over 200 brushes, new high resolution patterns that resemble artistic media, and much more is what you get.

Original list of changes is done in a nice graphic way, no need to compete with that. One thing has to be noted though: this is all for GIMP 2.6 series. For 2.8 it will have to be partly redone, because this version brings tagging for resources, as well as new system of tools presets.

You can download the new version here.

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  1. JimmyVolatile 11 April 2011 at 2:21 pm

    I’d like to bring to attention the GIMP Instrumented project. This project aims to take a systematic approach to improving the usability of GIMP (and other projects) by recording how GIMP is actually used by the artist.

  2. The project is now called Adaptable GIMP. I’ve been meaning to cover it, but got into a bit of accident :)