GIMP Help 2.6.0 released

GIMP Help 2.6.0 released

New official user manual for GIMP is finally out and matches features of 2.6.x versions. It also includes updated translations and some new translation like into Japanese. Some things, however, deserve a more verbose explanation.

Starting with this version translations are not kept in same DocBook/XML file on per-paragraph basis. Gettext's PO files are now used to store and update translation (same as in GNOME and KDE). However this means that changes to English version will affect translation even when they don't have to (like English grammar fixes).

This is because in PO there are three statuses for a translatable message: not translated, translated and fuzzy (not quite correct). Whenever original (English) text is changed, a message is marked as fuzzy and appears in original language. This is why a lot of translations now seem to be less ready even when they in fact are ready.

Thus it will take a while to undo the "damage" and make translations as good as before and even better than that :)

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  1. Like as the “C_” macro for glib sources, I want context functionality on XML2PO process.  Actually sometimes collision occurs between terms which should be differently translated along with their context even on the same English phrase.