GIMP 2.8 gets a new default brush pack

GIMP 2.8 gets a new default brush pack

The upcoming new version of GIMP is going to feature a much improved default set of brushes thanks to Ramon Miranda and Guillermo Espertino.

The taskforce targeted three major shortcomings of GIMP 2.7: outdated set of default brushes, insufficient coverage of the new tagging system for resources and total lack of coverage regarding the new tools presets system.

Porting at least part of the brushes from GIMP Paint Studio project is something users have been asking the team for a while now. So Ramon teamed up with Gez to improve the default pack of resources that hasn't been touched in years apart from a single contribution by Johannes Engelhardt in 2009 and minor revisions by the core team.

Brushes and tools presets in GIMP 2.8

GIMP will now be shipping 44 brushes in 7 categories (basic, fuzzy, media, round, sketch, splatters and texture): fuzzy round brushes, calligraphic lines, bristles, chalk, acrylic and vegetation of all sorts.

All the brushes are tagged to simplify browsing the collection. 17 brushes in the new default pack are animated, so for complex shapes you won't get the same object stamped across your image over and over again as you paint.

The brushes are complemented by a set of 39 tools presets in 4 categories: FX, Paint, Selection, Sketch.

The new system of tools presets allows saving not just settings of tools, but also FG/BG color, paint dynamics and more options. The current presets library is built mostly around brush-based tools.

GIMP 2.8 is now in the final stage of development with no new features accepted and ca. 20 bugs left to fix. The date of v2.8 release isn't set in stone.

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  1. I can’t see anything in Git:

  2. Alexandre Prokoudine 24 January 2012 at 8:02 pm

    It’s all there: brushes, tools presets ;)

  3. Great Ramon and Gespertino! Thanks!

  4. @Alexandre
    Ups, OK. ;)

  5. “The date of v2.8 release isn’t set in stone”
    I hope we can get it on February :)

  6. Thanks for the info!
    I would like to mention though i would like to see the same box in the brush tool options box (paint with gradient), in Gimp-2.8 as there is in the Gimp-2.6.11 version.As of the last GIT release there is no paint using gradient checkbox.
    Well there doesn’t seem to be any ways.

    Thanks again!


  7. Alexandre Prokoudine 25 January 2012 at 9:54 am

    Rod, did you try expanding “Dynamic Options”? ;)

  8. Hi Alexandre.
    Yes i opened the dynamics dialog and can use random colors and it will work with a brush.But it does not look the same as the gradient.It looks as if the spacing needs to be set closer.So when i set it to 1 it still looks blotchy.I found this to be the only setting that works with the pen or mouse.You can select a gradient fill, but I still see no paint with gradient check box.I wonder if this is a bug?

    Thanks again for your quick reply,

  9. Rod, the fuctionality is now available via maping fade to color. Then it fades through all the colors in the gradient. You can configure fade repeat in tool options.

  10. Wow! GIMP never wants to be left behind. I am looking forward to their much improved default set of brushes. It’s good to know about this one. Gonna try the latest version.

  11. wonderful post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector do not realize this.