GIMP 2.7.3 released, 2.8 is getting closer

GIMP 2.7.3 released, 2.8 is getting closer

New unstable version of GIMP is out with nearly 5 months worth of work on bugfixes and improvements. We kinda already covered the most of the changes one by one before, so let's just sum it up.

The optional single-window mode is now officially ready for 2.8 with the rest of the planned features postponed till some time after release of 2.8. In single-window mode you can now switch between tabs using ALT+[0-9] combination. Docking was improved in various ways, and the window doesn't lose maximized state anymore, when a picture is closed.

Single-window GIMP

The GEGL based Cage transform tool was given ability to add, select and remove cage vertices which we previously (lamely) illustrated with this screencast:

First introduced in 2.7.2, the new widget that merges a label, a slider and a spinbox is now propagated on the rest of tools options dialog.

The grid that you see when you use transform tools was refactored to fix a performance regression, and there is a bonus too. You can now use composition guides (rules of thirds, golden mean etc.) that you most likely know from the Crop tool.

Composition guide during rotation

Finally, you can now move layers inside layer groups which was one of the last serious issues to solve for 2.8. Fixing it has brought estimated 2.8 release a month closer — to November 10th. But GIMP folks are treating software development rather seriously. I'm pretty sure that they will put a lot more polish on the application before releasing the final version.

Right now there's only source code available. For unofficial Windows and Linux builds watch and Graphicall. Noone knowingly makes public builds for Mac yet.

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  1. Cool!
    How is pressure of wacom tablet working now? In all versions I’ve tested of 2.7 it has been broken with no pressure recognition at all.

  2. AFAIK it depends on system you use. I have it working on Ubuntu 11.04 and good ol’ Graphire 3, but I stumble upon negative reports every one in a while. The problem is in GTK+2 really, and it’s not likely to be fixed, since GTK+3 gets full attention among its developers these days.

  3. Too bad. I’ll have to take a new test drive as soon as there are packages built.

  4. Awesome!  I absolutely cannot wait for Gimp 2.8.  I’ve been tinkering around with 2.7.3 and really loved the changes they made to the foreground select tool.  Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Very useful and free tool. Needs some time to learn, but has most of tools for working on photos.

  6. Im using GIMP for photo processing, and its great for this.

  7. I’m still using the 2.6 version of Gimp and just on a hobbyist level. I like the changes within the program but I’ve been reluctant to upgrade without asking, and maybe I’m asking a stupid question but I want to know if I update to the 2.8 version, will I lose the fonts, brushes, and plug-ins that I added? Thanks in advance!

  8. Alexandre Prokoudine 20 November 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Hi Mandy, assuming that your run GIMP on Windows…

    If you keep your add-ons in your local folder with user preferences, you will probably need to copy/move the data to a new folder manually.  That new folder will be created the first time you run GIMP 2.8.

    If you keep your add-ons in the system folder, the uninstaller should leave them intact unless you specifically instruct it to remove everything.

  9. If you keep your add-ons in your local folder with user preferences, you will probably need to copy/move the data to a new folder manually.

  10. It is really nice and helpful tools… keep updating this post with new update in any technology… I hope we will again meet bery soon…