Ghostscript gets PDF/A-2 support for long-term archiving

Ghostscript gets PDF/A-2 support for long-term archiving

Ghostscript, the almighty free Postscript and PDF interpreter, just got an update that brings two essential new features.

The first feature is support for PDF/A-2, the latest standardized revision of PDF aimed for long-time archival. This standard was announced in July 2011 and is based on PDF 1.7 (A-1 used PDF 1.4), which means support for JPEG2000 compression, transparency effects and layers, the embedding of OpenType fonts, and digital signatures.

The other big new feature is the server mode of the 'pdfwrite' utility, so you don't have to terminate Ghostscript between conversions anymore.

Arguably smaller new features are:

  • using output intents defined in PDFs via the "-dUsePDFX3Profile" command line option;
  • no more compressed color encoding for separation to TIFF, hence safer separation to large amounts of plates;
  • append downsampling to DeviceN output devices is now available in tiffsep, psdcmyk and psdrgb with "-dDownScaleFactor=n".

As usual, Windows installer and source code are available for downloading. See complete list of changes for more details.

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