Ghostscript 9.04 released with advanced color control

Ghostscript 9.04 released with advanced color control

The newly released new version of Ghostscript, a popular free PDF interpreter, provides some exciting new features and fixes a number of serious bugs.

The ultimate change in this version is separate control of color reproduction for different types of objects. That is, you can now use different ICC profiles for vector, bitmap and text objects in a document. Moreover, you can override already defined color settings including ICC profile and rendering intent for RGB and CMYK.

By the way default profiles for RGB and CMYK have been changed in this release. Default CMYK color profile now simulates V2 SWOP, and default RGB color profile is Ghostscript's own version of sRGB.

When using DeviceGray source colors now can be specified to map either to K only or composite CMYK when the output device supports CMYK colorants.

The tiffscaled virtual device, first appeared in v9.01, is now complemented by tiffscaled8 and tiffscaled24 devices that create greyscale and 24bit RGB output. Additionally a new pngmonod device was added to output monochrome PNG.

If you often deal with corrupt PDF files, you will probably like the new interpreter's behaviour: when it comes across a broken stream it will now keep reading the file regardless. The old behaviour can be enabled by specifying -dPDFSTOPONERROR argument.

And since we are talking about arguments, there's another new one,-dNOINTERPOLATE, that will considerably speed up rendering for files without graphics with practically no visible changes. It works with CUPS filters.

Developers also invested quite a lot of time into txtwrite device which now does quite a lot of what it's supposed to do: reading and outputting text from all formats supported by GhostPDL. While doing that, it now honestly tries to figure out unicode values for all characters in text.

You can find all the details in the official press-release. All the download links are here. By the way, all the code is now being worked on in a Git repository.

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  1. very interesting build

    I have compiled for Puppy Linux (3.01 - 4.3.1 and 5.2.5)

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