GEGL to become more accessible to 3rd party developers

GEGL to become more accessible to 3rd party developers

Jon Nordby started moving part of GEGL library to a separate project. The point is to make this new GIMP's core image library accessible to 3rd party developers.

What it means is that anyone will be able to easily create a new GTK based image editing application with high bit depth precision and complex functionality.

In Jon's own words, it should be possible to show GEGL graph in any GTK application using no more than 10 lines of code. For Jon this is important because he is core MyPaint developer intending to make it use GEGL for rendering after release of MyPaint v1.0 (expected later this year).

So now there is a new project called gegl-gtk, where gtk-display and GeglView have been moved from GEGL (thus making GEGL truly toolkit-agnostic). Jon also created an example of using GEGL from a third-party app. You can fetch a clone of the repo with gegl-gtk source code using

$ git clone git://

Short-term goals are to create GEGL based GdkPixbuf loader and enhance GeglView features.

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