Gaupol subtitles editor gets voice recognition

Osmo Salomaa released an update of his free Gaupol subtitles editor. Apart from minor changes it has a new major, albeit experimental feature: creating subtitles using voice recognition.

For that Gaupol uses Sphinx, a free voice recognition engine that has pluggable language models.

Speech recognition options in Gaupol

Thus far Sphinx supports English, German, Dutch, French, Russian, Mandarin and Spanish. You can fetch language data from the Sphinx's directory. More detailed explanation is available in wiki.

The new version is only available as source code at this time, and hence will work on Linux out of box only. You can download the archive here.

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  1. Could you please make Win32 package with the VR included - I need it really bad.

    Thanks very much,

  2. Alexandre Prokoudine 29 January 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Mike, that would be a request to the developer, not us, but guess what… It’s available for Windows :)  Check out

  3. That’s right, but Win32 version is built without the voice recognition feature - that is crucial for my project. I’ll ask the developer at BugZilla, probably that’s the right place.


  4. Alexandre How can I make it work in my Linux?
    I tried installing packages and stuff but no success, flowing this method:

  5. Can you make a quick step-by-step tutorial, how to install the necessary packages, please.