Game Development with Blender book released, one copy for giveaway

Game Development with Blender book released, one copy for giveaway

Recently the "Game Development with Blender" book finally made it to store shelves. Which is a great reason to instigate another round of unhealthy competition by announcing a new giveaway at LGW.

Dalai Felinto and Mike Pan had been working on the book for the past 2—3 years. This first edition covers Blender 2.66a — yes, we are on the verge of getting our hands on v2.68 already, but this is how publishing works.

The book focuses on various aspects of the game engine in Blender. Here's an excerpt from the official abstract:

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to design a complete game from beginning to end, create games without writing a single line of code, bring your 3D characters to life with animations, unleash the power of material creation with nodes, have fun making JELL-O bounce with the physics engine, program in Python like a pro, make your games run faster using lightmaps and normal maps, publish your games for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and improve your games by learning from 10 real-world projects.

The last chapter offers a number of case studies. The first chapter is available for preview.

But why did it take so long to complete the book? Dalai offers a fair explanation:

We were alarmed that some areas of the BGE (Blender Game Engine) could/should use a revamp. I’m one of the BGE developers, so we made the decision of taking the book writing and some needed development side-by-side. That includes a lot of changes in the UI, the support for Unicode and TTF fonts, and the removal of texface properties in favour of per-material settings, and lots of bug fixes.

It wasn’t an easy call because we knew the book delay could harm the book sales. However my first concern was into making sure we were proud of the engine we were talking about. And even though we both make a living out of working with Blender and the game engine, we knew there were room for some pressing improvements.

That's some serious approach, if you want our opinion. OK, now to the point: how does one lucky person among you get the book, exactly?

Please leave a comment below with your real email address, telling us:

  • For how long you've been using Blender, if at all.
  • Whether you've ever dabbled in making games of your own, and what kind of games you made.
  • What kind of game(s) you dream of making with Blender in the future.

We'll close submissions on July 7, 2013 at 1pm UTC, run the magic randomizer, and announce the winner at 5pm same day along with a summary of your insights.

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  1. I am using blender for two years.

    I have try BGE to make some platform and logic games (really simple) for my 9 years old godson and I plan to teach him how to do those.

  2. I have been using Blender for the past two and a half year, but for the first year I had only scratched the surface of its capabilities.

    In the past two to three months I started using it to create a game I had in mind. Haven’t finished it yet. but I hope so in the future :)
    For the making I have followed multiple online tutorials and tried to produce an outcome of my likes. The games is a 2D puzzle game (with a 3D environment, like Little Big Planet)

    But that is how far my knowledge and abilities reach. I want to go away from tutorialland, but it is hard since there was not any way to follow a complete guide so you can depend solely on yourself. I hope that with the help of this book I will be able to complete a full scale puzzle-adventure game, with multiplayer capabilities and many other functionalities.
    Thank you.

  3. I’ve used Blender for some eight years, but I’ve never touched the game engine. I have dabbled somewhat in Unity, but that was a long time ago. I certainly want to see my stargate model put to use beyond still renders, and I’d like it to be wholly interactive. Beyond that, who knows where my career will take me.

  4. Been using Blender (and BGE) since 2000.
    Made a Brasília city tour with it (  and
    Maybe a version 2 someday ...

  5. I have been using Blender for 2 years. I spent one learning modelling basics and spent another one focusing more on video editing.

    I have created games, but only using GameMaker in the game maker language. The largest project was a game called ‘Labyrinth’. See:  Would love to create a 3D game using Blender since I have previously only worked in the 2D space game maker provides. I have always been a fan of clever platformers, so that would definitely be the kind of game I would be making with BGE.
    E-mail would be gnome (at) rvzt (dot) net

  6. I’ve been using Blender on and off for nearly eight years.

    I’ve done a little bit of prototyping using the game engine from time to time. Last year I worked on a first person ice skating combat game called FLAT for the 7 Day First Person Shooter Challenge. I also contribute to the F/OSS game Neverball, have one released Half-Life 1 mod, have worked on several yet-to-be-released indie titles.

    Can’t wait to read what sort of projects others have their hands in :)

    Currently I have plans to make a multipalyer non-aggressive “2.5D” puzzle platformer which I’m intending to use BGE for.

    I also have concepts for a top down scrolling shooter/RPG hybrid and a first person strategic puzzler that I’ve considered using the Blender Game Engine for.

  7. I’ve been using blender for 2 years now.

    I have done some games, and also 1 educacional game, using blender.

    I would like to do some adventure games with blender in the future, hope to achive this dream!

  8. Been using Blender since 2002, but was away for few years, then got serious from 2009 to now.

    I have made few games, but nothing good enough to show.

    I like to make a turn base strategy game. I’m done with the game design and story, also introducing competition elements to the design to make it very esport. Just need to learn more about BGE and make it.

  9. Hi, I have been tinkering with Blender for the last 1,5 years, trying to grasp the concept of developing a game I have in mind, a classical platform game with some neat surprise.
    It will be aimed at my daughter’s fun and I hope this book would shed some light on my doubts.

  10. i’ve been using blender for the past 3 years now.

    i use it mostly for infographics/2d animation and video post-processing… but i have a project that eventually would like to create which is an rpg zelda-like game to teach music/art.

    (congrats dalai and mike!)

  11. I have used blender a few times,
    few years ago I made a simple text-based boomerang throwing game. I would be nice to make a graphical implementation of that game.

  12. I started in 3d with Truespace back in 1996.  After they priced themselves out of my market I moved to Blender in 2002.  I teach a blender design class at my sons’ school which includes a basic introduction to the game engine.  I have designed several very basic games for that part of the course.

    I would love to do a full year course on game engine, but would definitely need to develop my own skills further :>)

  13. I’m using blender since 2.49 (mostly for fun). I was always interested in Blender as a game engine, but I’ve never found good course. I’m rather developer (I’m writing in C, C++, Java and recently in Python a lot). It would be nice to learn this environment step by step and do something worthwhile.
    What would I do? I have an idea of a sandbox game/simulator that learns graphic (you have to create own models, in blender of course) and programing (you must program it to control it). Something like Colobot, but you design the robot by yourself and have much more tools to do it (and it’s more realistic). The integrating graphic and physic engines were always trouble for me.

  14. Thiago Petruccelli 03 July 2013 at 8:16 pm

    I’ve been using Blender for two years now, and I love it.

    I’ve tried to make some games myself, but never came too far. When I was in college me and some friends made a serious attempt in making an on-line game, but in the last steps of the game (the multiplayer part) it stopped, the one who was doing that part never finished.

    I like some strange and conceptual games, the ones who are really different of the ‘blockbusters’. I dream to make such a game, and add to it a good message so it will be more than just a pastime. That’s it :)


  15. Hola,
    I ran across blender two- three years ago, I’ve always been impressed with the development and direction of it.
    I guess I’m still in learning phase, one of my goals is to learn the game engine and try to take on a game :)
    I’ve always loved games like quake, and I think that’s the direction I would like to start at, making levels and maps.

    This is why I have been so excited with the progress of Dalai and Mike on this project.


  16. . The first installer that i found on my drive is the 2.40, I think back in 2006.
    . I have played with the blender game engine recently for simple testing but since i want to learn more in Depth how to create something worthy, i decided to take the long road of reviewing math (Khan Academy) – basics of coding (Code academy) and finish with computer science (edx). They teach Python so it will be great using the knowledge in The Blender Game Engine Later, And Now I think this book will be a great help Also.
    . I was in love with Zelda: Ocarina of time, so my goal is to create a game (or at least a fraction of it) Similar in game play to that, but with a style and a story of my own, releasing the art under Creative commons and the code will be GPL2, the same license as blender so no problems there, and also creating a blog teaching what I learn on the road. Learning how to do it and sharing what I learn are the goals so there’s no actual death line.

  17. i like blender, never actually used it to make a game and that’s because i never could understand the animation system in textures inside Blender, i mean i thought i could be animating the UV via offset, size and opacity but i couldn’t, it’s also counter-intuitive the way animated textures work, no control over speed, frames and the UV editor just won’t work, enabling tile animation solves nothing and also isn’t possible disabling the antialias for smaller textures, a perfect pixel-art texture ends up looking like a blurry mess, i don’t think Blender devs are going to work on all this any time soon even less over these problems i found but is nice they are thinking in revamping it, it’s a start i guess

    also been on, horrible community if they aren’t ignoring you they treat you like a dumb

  18. I’ve only just started to learn blender. Before, I was on other software, but I prefer the freedom to move to a newer machine without having to pay again for a program I already own.

    I’ve made a few games before - 2D shoot-em-ups and a 2d platformer.

    The game I would like to make with blender is a 3D point and click adventure game where the player has to overcome problems and use their head. Unlike early adventure games where you just clicked inventory one a time until you got the “correct” solution, this will have multiple ways of solving a problem and items have multiple uses. The setting is that of an an engineer trapped on a derelict ship with just his toolkit.

  19. Hi!

    I’ve been using Blender for about 6 years now, and love character animation, compositing and VFX. Apart from a couple of little experiments, I haven’t used the game engine much, but would love to get a grip on it as my 10 year old son has a great idea for a relatively simple, casual style 3D adventure game which I think could be a hit.

    We’d love to work through the book together and start building the game basically. This book would be a great help for us, and would definitely help him gain skills and confidence to work towards his future too.

  20. Hi!

    I’ve been using blender for around 5 years now. I’m using it professionally for almost 2 years as a freelancer, and for the last 6 months in an a animation studio (“PitchiPoy”).

    I love the great ease with which you can transform assets from blender to the game engine and add interactivity.

    I want to use the game engine for educational games, and as a tool for interactive visualization.

  21. I’ve been using blender about 5 years now and still feels there is so much to learn, like this game section.I really want to know more about BGE but need to find more time for that. maybe that book can be first step in this project.

  22. I’m using Blender since I switched to Linux, about 6 years ago. Before I used Lightwave for my jewelry project.

    BGE is a great feature for realize an interactive 3D visualization.

    My favorite genre of game is the pinball, and I make it with Blender.

  23. I’ve been using Blender, intermittently, for a couple of years.

    I’ve tried to finish several games, with no success at this moment. I hope BGE will help ;)

    The kind of game I would like to made is based on 3D character animation and interaction.

  24. I’m using blender for about 4 years. I’m not an artist (but a coder), just be interested in Blender, and watched nearly every BlenderGuru tutorial.

    I tried BGE, but no more than 6 times for I’m confused by the concepts, and, as a programmer, not so comfortable with pure blocks (and the API sucks).

    I’m a fan of Grand Theft Auto, so you know what I want to make with Blender in the future.

    I’m here just to try my luck ;-)

  25. I started using Blender in 2003, but only in 2006 I got into it for real.

    I use it for 3D animation, and the game project I started never advanced very much because I got stuck trying to create a decent gameplay (controller working right, with freedom of movements). Also, duty (monthly bills) called…

    Would be amazing to create a complex game using only (or mostly) logic bricks (with little to no programming).
    With or without that, an “open world”/“sandbox” game would be a great step on game development with Blender. I wish my project could go that way.

  26. Yuri Fidélis 05 July 2013 at 6:01 am

    I’m using Blender since 2010.

    I use it in my school, the Federal Institute of São Paulo, in Brazil, to develop games in our game development group. We made a little racing game and all development is done using free/open-source tools, like Blender, Gimp, Krita, WebGL.

    We want our next project to be an adventure game based on an idea of a board game involving spaceships and a center of gravity. What we lack right now is people who are skilled with Blender and are willing to participate and learn.

  27. Ian Cruickshank 05 July 2013 at 8:28 pm

    I’ve been using Blender for around 3 years.  I’ve dabbled in making basic games and hope to one day make a platformer like oldschool Metroid.

  28. Miguelangel Veliz 05 July 2013 at 10:22 pm

    Hi, i’m studying system engineering and i really like videogames so for my college final project i decided to make one but i didn’t know how to do it so i searched on internet and find out that i can create many things with blender and develop a game is one of them.

    I’ve been using Blender for around 5 months ago since i found it on the web and i’m doing a videogame for blind people, it has been hard because i don’t know how to use it but i’ve learned a little bit watching tutorials on internet.

    I want to make a really good game that everybody can play and i wish keep learning to create awesome videogames.

  29. Hi, im learning print media design and using Blender for 1 year professionally now and 3 years as a hobbyist before that.
    I was once involved in a big game project which actually got pretty far (Project Panthera) but due to the BGE limitations and general lack of time i stopped working on it.
    In the future I’d love to create realtime visualisationswith the help of the bge for customer presentations.

  30. Hello,

    I’ve been using Blender since 2.37, that’s around 8 years or so. Most of this time it was a hobby, but for the last year it’s also what I do to earn my daily bread. I work in the games industry, but we don’t use BGE, just Blender to make assets for our current project, Dark Matter.

    Outside my work I’ve mostly made small prototypes in BGE. I lack the programming skills to do anything fancy or even simple things I’d like. Lately I’ve been again considering to learn python some more, exactly for that reason - to be able to do stuff on my own.

    I dream of making many games, each one too big-er than the other. :) 1st person puzzle, top-down action-adventure, fantasy tactical RPG, all aim to take a player on a fresh journey to experience things he hasn’t before. Of course, with Blender and BGE combo.

  31. G’day mates,

    I have been tinkering with Blender since version 2.42 and have always found it intriguing.

    I am happy about the recent inclusion of Freestyle as it gives great artistic effects. Documentation has been sparse so a book about the game engine would be most useful.

    I have made no games yet but my dream game would be about the Aussie critters in Kajimba.` I reckon if I don’t win the book I’ll go postal!

  32. i have been using blender for two years…i dont understand much of the if it is for the noobs..In that case only