Future design tools at Libre Graphics Meeting 2013

Future design tools at Libre Graphics Meeting 2013

Next week LGM2013 is starting in Madrid. Let's take a quick look at some of the most interesting talks you can expect.

Future tools

Staying relevant to users in a rapidly changing market is probably the number one challenge for free design and photography software. For the first time in 7 years of running the event has a theme, “Future tools”, and a distinct focus on hot trends in development of software for creative minds.

Camille Bissuel and Cedric Gémy will present their work on Mikado, a graph-based image editor implemented as a web app with responsive design. Interestingly enough, the web app uses GEGL, GIMP's new engine, as well as Tempi. The team hopes to demo a working prototype, although given the amount of work to do it's likely that they will only show some components of Mikado.

Claudia Krummenacher will talk about the future of book publishing and keeping our DTP software up to the task. Claudia is involved with the Scribus project as a usability engineer.

Ricardo Lafuente, Ana Carvalho, ginger coons et al. will introduce attendees to Interactivos?'13, a prototyping workshop that will start during the conference and will be focused on designing and documenting a libre graphics workflow that supports collaboration and exchange.

Ben Martin will present results of his work on making FontForge a collaborative type design tool. The patches are already available in a public Git repository over at Github.

Alessandro Rimoldi will explain how small mobile apps can give a whole new life to the somewhat dated “UNIX way” paradigm. You will find out how they could be combined to create state of the art publishing workflows.

Project updates and software-specific activities

Both GIMP and Inkscape teams will give talks about progress in respective projects. There will also be Krita workshops by David Revoy and Timothée Giet, as well as an introduction to Krita Foundation by Boudewijn Rempt.

While Blender Foundation seems to be a taking leave of absence at LGM this year, the almighty 3D package won't rest in oblivion. Jakub Steiner (Red Hat, GNOME) will show how to create localized animations, and Joaquín Herrera will present his eBook “Blender: 3D for Educatión”.

An interesting Birds of Feather session is expected with regards to 2D animation: Synfig Studio's team is going to meet Nina Paley (“Sita Sings the Blues”, "The Land is Mine”) and work on priority tasks in the project to ease production of animations. If you are a bit out of context, a few months ago Nina wrote a rather emphatic post about issues with free animation tools.

Open hardware

This year there will also be an extended open hardware track. Apertus will talk about Axiom, their upcoming 4K camera, Jiskar Schmitz will present mobile open source laser cutter, and there will be a few more talks on the topic.

Check the full program and see if you can visit Libre Graphics Meeting 2013 in Madrid on April 10-13. If you can, please register beforehand.

Funding the event

The meeting is free to attend, but it means that the committee needs funds to reimburse travel expenses for people who actively participate at LGM, giving talks, doing workshops for attendees etc.

The committee is still short of money to reimburse expenses for everyone who filed a request for that. If you are willing to support this major libre graphics event, please donate at pledgie.com/campaigns/19064.

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