FreeCAD gets more video tutorials

FreeCAD gets more video tutorials

Unlike Blender, FreeCAD never had many video tutorials. John Durston is doing his best to fix that with a series of tutorials on a newly created YouTube channel.

John started with a series called "Designing a bicycle" that is a nice introduction to the Sketcher workbench in FreeCAD, and few days ago he started a new series called "FreeCAD TurboTutes" which focuses on things you can do quickly. The first tutorial in the new series is on creating pockets and pads:

You can subscribe to the channel to watch for new FreeCAD tutorials.

Note that all the tutorials describe v0.12 that is currently in works. If you are on Ubuntu, the best way to track the progress of this project is to use the daily builds PPA. For Windows the builds are here.

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  1. Great information you provided here, thanks!

  2. I like the similarities between this application pocket and pad tool compared with Autodesk Inventors extrusion tool.