Free ebook editor Sigil 0.4.2 released, further plans unveiled

Free ebook editor Sigil 0.4.2 released, further plans unveiled

John Schember who recently took over maintenance and development of Sigil, released two bugfix versions in a row and detailed his further plans in the blog.

The changes in the new versions are really just bugfixes with three exceptions: you can now go to user specified line in text, close all tabs but the currently opened one and select lines by clicking on line number in the source code view mode. The most recent version is available for Linux, Windows and Mac and can be downloaded here.

As for the planned changes in Sigil, they are partly result of recently conducted interviews with users and partly his own itches. During the interview John got a better idea of how users can be categorized (self-publishers, power users and professionals, small and large) and what tools each of those groups uses. As a consequence, John is now targeting power users and small pofessionals.

Some of the things he talks about in the other blog posting that covers Sigil's future direction are: plug-in architecture, better undo/redo system, changes in data store system and in the editor itself. Not all of that might be changed in the near future, but it's something John is quite concerned about.

While at that, John is already actively working on 0.5.0 — the next version of Sigil with new features.

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