Free DDP mastering tools for Linux, Windows and Mac updated

Free DDP mastering tools for Linux, Windows and Mac updated

While the CD industry is effectively collapsing, the job still has to be done somehow. Andreas Ruge, a recording engineer from Germany, released an update to his DDP mastering tools for Linux, Windows and Mac.

The project contains several command-line tools to manipulate DDP images that are used for Red Book CD audio mastering. The list of changes is rather small, but we never mentioned this project before, and the release of the new version looks like a good enough excuse to finally do that. Mostly this version introduces MD5 and CRC32 checksum files generation to the cue2ddp application and ships improved documentation.

It still is quite unclear what legal status the project has, which is why source code isn't yet available. DDP is one of those proprietary file formats that gained popularity in the industry despite of questionable licensing policy of its vendor. This is where film indistry clearly has an advance with the open DCP standard.

Builds for 32bit version of Linux, Windows and Mac (Darwin) are available. Andreas is also wondering whether support for other proprietary CD image formats like PMI (Pyramix Workstation) or JAM is required by users. If you need it, please let him know.

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  1. What advantages does a proprietary cd image format like this have over open formats? Apart from being an industry standard I mean. Does it give more features, stability, accuracy?

  2. As usual, it’s all about what manufacturers have grown to use :)

  3. I guessed that would be the case…

  4. David, DDP has gotten an industry standard mainly because it can describe even the most rarely used features of CD, DVD, and other optical media, and because there was no other well specified format for that available at that time – but that’s just my guess.

    Now the above mentioned tools are for Red Book audio CDs. Which “open format” would you use instead of DDP to send your project out for replication?

    I’m only aware of cue+wav, which some manufacturers accept. If you compare that format to DDP, I’d indeed say, that DDP is maybe a tad safer, because it’s specified in more detail than cue sheet are. But sure, technically if an image format can describe all the details you need, then it’s only up to how well the format is supported by the manufacturer.

    Anyway, if you haven’t yet had the need to export DDPs, then chances are good, I’ll not have to deal with this in the future. :)

  5. I’ve never created CD or DVD masters, always had others do that, so my question was more philosophical.

    I had disk image formats like iso, img and such in mind, but perhaps these are not professionally usable?

  6. Oh yes, they are, I think quite a few manufacturers accept them nowadays. But those are formats for data CD/DVD, they can not be used for audio CDs.

    But with data discs you can simply send a CD-R disc out to be replicated from. But with audio CDs, when you replicate straight from a CD audio, there is a sight risk of wrong bits, as audio CDs have one layer less of error correction then data CDs have. So for Red Book replication it’s a bit safer to send out an image file on, say an DVD-R or with ftp.

  7. nice to have that tool, i m a bit bad with the commandline and cant figure out how to create a ddp file although i checked the help file. can anybody tell me the command for linux to make a ddp out of a wav and a .cue etc? thanks! :)

  8. Alexandre Prokoudine 05 February 2013 at 11:03 am

    @calimerox, the package has an application called cue2ddp that does exactly that :)

  9. And also I got help from the developer to fresh up my poor konsole skills. here an example to make a ddp out of a .cue + .wav file:
    konsole: mkdir myddp
    and then:
    cue2ddp -t -m “testcd” testcd.cue MeinDDP


  10. Alexandre Prokoudine 07 February 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Awesome! :)

  11. Are there any free (or reasonably priced) programs for windows that can make DDP discs for a DVD9 project from an already authored VIDEO_TS folder?