Fragmentarium: a new GPU-side generative art tool

Fragmentarium: a new GPU-side generative art tool

Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen released first version of Fragmentarium — his new cross-platform IDE for exploring pixel based graphics on the GPU which, we have no doubts on that, many people interested in generative art will fall in love with.

Fragmentarium pushes some of Mikael's projects, such as StructureSynth and a recently started raytracer, furthers and is to some degree inspired by Adobe Pixel Bender. However the application uses "classic" GLSL instead of a custom kernel language.

Fragmentarium, click to zoom in

Fragmentarium currently features:

  • multitabbed IDE with GLSL syntax highlighting;
  • custom widgets for variables used in GLSL programs;
  • various mouse-to-GLSL mapping schemes;
  • modular GLSL programming with reusable snippets;
  • simple built-in raytracer for distance estimated systems;
  • bundled examples, including Mandelbulb, Mandelbox, Kaleidoscopic IFS, and Julia Quaternion.

You will need a GPU that supports GLSL. Installaton package is available only for Windows at this time. For Linux and Mac you will have to build Fragmentarium from source code (run Fragmentarium-Source/Build - Linux/ or read Fragmentarium-Source/Build - Mac OS X/BuildProcedureOSX.txt).

The download link below will fetch you archive of current code in development. But you can actually clone Git repo and update from it in the future:

$ git clone


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