Fragmentarium 0.8.0 gets new fractal types and simple animation

Fragmentarium 0.8.0 gets new fractal types and simple animation

Mikael H. Christensen released a new version of his excellent app called Fragmentarium — a free GPU based explorer of fractals and generative systems.

Changes in the bew version touch almost every aspect of the application:

  • The 3D camera has been rewritten. Now it is a “first-person”, pinhole camera that can be controlled using a mouse and a keyboard. Camera view can now be saved together with other settings.
  • A picture can be rendered in an arbitrary resolution now thanks to newly introduced tile based rendering.
  • Preview is now possible: Fragmentarium will render to FBO with lower resolution.
  • In addition to preview of the whole picture a tile preview was added for previewing part of high-resolution images.
  • A simple experimental animation controller was added (without keyframes just yet).
  • Presets can be stored now.
  • New fractals: QuaternionMandelbrot4D, Ducks, NewMenger.
  • The improved raytracer now features dithering, fog and new coloring schemes.

Here is e.g. a Quaternion Mandelbrot 4D fractal with Reflection:

Quaternion Mandelbrot 4D with Reflection

And here is an animated morph of a perturbated Menger 4D, created by Mikael as well:

Fragmentarium is available for Windows and Mac and can be built on Linux from source code.

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  1. Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.