FontForge 20110221: tons of improvements

FontForge 20110221: tons of improvements

George W. Williams released a new snapshot of FontForge, a free fonts editor, after months and months of pause. The new "version" contains heaps of small fixes and improvements here and there.

The full list of changes is available in the changelog as usual, and here is a shorter list:

  • a much more accurate overlaps removal;
  • stroking of paths finally works as expected;
  • freehand drawing tool isn't broken anymore;
  • FontForge now compiles with Python 2.7;
  • Unicode support is compatible with Unicode 6.0.0 spec now;
  • zooming centers the view around mouse cursor;
  • fixed and improved SVG importing, some Inkscape specifics like coordinates origin now have a workaround;
  • UFO support was fixed (glyph name to file name conversion, OS2 fsType support, ascender and descender fields retaining);
  • all sorts of bugs including crashers have been fixed.

Since George isn't so active as developer these days, the community seems to be sending more patches than usual. Ca. 10 people sent patches during this period. The source code repository also moved to Git last week.

You can download the code here.

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