FontForge gets Unicode 5.2 and WOFF support

FontForge gets Unicode 5.2 and WOFF support

First CVS snapshot of FontForge since last autumn is out and features major new features such as Unicode 5.2 support and exporting of WOFF files.

Other changes are:

  • paths stroking (Ctrl+Shift+E) now supports circular and polygon pen types, also available for Freehand tool (double-click its icon);
  • autokerning was improved:
    • automagic creation and filling of kern classes was added;
    • most kerning related dialogs were reworked;
    • related Python API was added;
  • libpng 1.4 support was added;
  • "style" attribute support from SVG 1.2 spec was implemented;
  • double-archives like tar.bz2 are supported now;
  • the "Descent" field is not written twice to SFD files anymore;
  • autohinting for hint masks was fixed;
  • various fixes to FontForge's UI editor were applied;
  • metrics view now has zooming via Ctrl + mousewhee scrolling;
  • other improvements and fixes.

You can download source code here.

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