Font Manager 0.4.3

New version of a simplistic font management application for GNOME called Font Manager is out.

Changes in this release:

  • if you have customized ~/.fonts.conf, move it elsewhere and apply  your changes to ~/.FontManager/config/render.conf so that they are not overwritten each time the app starts;
  • you can now export PDF sample sheet when you export collections (python-reportlab package is required); works only for TrueType and Type 1, most OpenType fonts don't work; exporting over 2500 fonts is not recommended yet;
  • autoscanning for new and removed fonts is added, but is reported to be not thoroughly tested and be slow with network shares and remote filesystems; the only way to stop autoscanning right now is to kill the app;
  • restarts itself when fonts are added or removed through itself;
  • user interface now can be localized.

Download it here.

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