First public version of slowmoVideo available

First public version of slowmoVideo available

A week ago we reported about ongoing work by Kdenlive developer Simon Eugster to implement a free tool for creating ultra slow motion effect out of regular video files.

So here is a quick update: the first public version is now available.

User interface of slowmoVideo is rather simple, but you can already control transition from higher to lower fps using Bezier curves:

Bezier curve for controlling fps in slowmoVideo

Currently slowmoVideo is available for 32bit and 64bit Linux systems, builds for Windows and Mac will follow later. Apart from that, the application requires an NVidia GPU. Simon says he's open to an idea of OpenCL based implementation, but he is currently lacking time for such an undertaking. You can also download source code.

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  1. There is even a cool promo video.

  2. I considered posting it again like I did in the first news item, but thought better of it :)

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  4. Way cool!