First official version of a free DTS encoder released

A month ago we reported that Alexander Patrakov uploaded first code of a free DTS encoder called dcaenc to Gitorious. Today he released the first official public verison of it.

The code was already working at the point of uploading to Gitorious, the only obstacle was lack of testing for the ALSA plug-in. Thanks to several people who answered the call a bug discovered and fixed, so now the encoder is officially released with a working ALSA plug-in. If you care about that plug-in, inside the tarball you will find dca.conf that contains ALSA PCM definition for you to use.

The encoder still supports only basics of DTS standard as barely any "commercial" extensions are documented. The list of primary things to do is available in, surprisingly, TODO file and mentions things like ADPCM part of the DTS specification, use of floating point in the encoder and helper apps for JACK and OSS4.

If you do multichannel video production, you don't need explanations why you need it. Go ahead, download it and use it.

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