First ebook on MuseScore for beginners available

First ebook on MuseScore for beginners available

Katie Wardrobe finally released "MuseScore: The Essential Beginner’s Guide", the ebook on MuseScore, a free application for engraving sheet music.

Katie is mostly known as the mastermind of MuseScoreTips project that has lots of training materials on the program.

The book is basically a 6 chapters long crash course into MuseScore for people who are either new to producing sheet music or new to the application. You will learn to use computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard for entering notes, edit them, add dynamics, slurs, chords, lyrics, export the created sheet music to MP3 to listen etc.

MuseScore: The Essential Beginner's Guide

In other words, if you always wanted to do leadsheets, but were hesitant to try, the book is likely to be a good introduction. The price is $27 with a cut to $23 for the next 4 days. All details are here.

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