Few days left to propose a talk at Libre Graphics Meeting 2011

There are still few days left (till April 1) to propose a talk at Libre Graphics Meeting — the conference for developers and users of free software for design, photography and 3D modeling.

The conference is taking place on May 10-13 in Montreal, Canada, and is bringing together teams of GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus et al., as well experienced users from the industry.

Since 2006 the conference is the place where developers meet to discuss ways to consistently improve user experience of respective applications. It's also where standards like OpenRaster are discussed and worked on.

For users this is where they meet developers and tell them everything that didn't fit into bugtrackers, mailing lists and IRCs :)

Additionally you can support the conference financially to help organizers keeping it free to attend and sponsor developers who attend it. This year plane tickets got even more expensive, so your support to developers will be really appreciated.

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