FeSTige, free VST host for Linux, reaches v1.0

FeSTige, free VST host for Linux, has just reached the magic v1.0 stage.

This pretty simplistic application allows using quite a lot of your VST collection on Linux with maximum flexibility.

So, maximum flexibility. What does it mean exactly? The point of being a host for FeSTige is that you can start your VST audio effects and instruments as JACK sound server clients and do any kind of complicated routing you like without even touching your audio device. E.g. you can create a bus in Ardour with an FX insert and route that to a whole custom effects chain that connects effects the way you want it.

FeSTige running Poulin LeGion guitar preamp simulator

And so that you could save that state FeSTige uses LADI for storing sessions. The name "FeSTige" originates from VeSTige — reverse-engineered header file that allows legal distribution of free open source software that supports VST.

"Wait, you said "A lot of your VSTs collection", didn't you?" Yes, the not such a good thing about FeSTige is that it relies on WINE, and that means that some of your VST plug-ins will crash and some will not let you register them. I have here a bunch of Focusrite VSTs that won't let me type license number in, yet Novation BassStation synth from the very same bundle works flawlessly. In ither words, your mileage may vary.

FeSTige is distributed as source code archive, a static build for x86 platforms and is also available for Ubuntu users from KXStudio PPA, maintained by the very same guy who created FeSTige.

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