F-Spot 0.8.0 released with blazing fast importing

F-Spot 0.8.0 released with blazing fast importing

Finally new stable version of F-Spot, a photo management application for GNOME, is out with major improvements.

For those who didn't feel brave enough to use unstable releases it will come with a number of useful changes and a whole lot of bugfixes.

Here are the most prominent changes:

  • importing was completely rewritten and made faster and leaner, duplicates detection was finally made to work as expected (in fact, just work);
  • you can now optionally remove pictures from camera after you imported them;
  • Taglib# library is now used to deal with metadata, which is why it was improved in many ways (used to be audio-centric), e.g. support for XMP sidecars was added;
  • versioning was improved: you can now drag one picture and drop it on another picture to make the first one a version of the second one;
  • you can finally pan a zoomed image with your mouse;
  • the application was made much more reliable, performance was improved;
  • nearly 300 bugs were fixed.

The next unstable versions are going to feature dramatic changes in user interface. Ruben Vermeersch, the current lead developer, is going to do his best to make F-Spot a state of the art photo management tool. First steps towards that were made during Libre Graphics Meeting this May when he sat down with Jimmac, Garrett LeSage and Hylke Bons to work on prototypes of new user interface.

There will be more important changes that are currently kept in secret, even though it's not hard to notice that during 0.7.x F-Spot started using Hyena, Banshee's framework. There are even more things you can find out by patient detectoring, but let's wait for first changes and leave those boring speculations behind :)

Source code is available for downloading.

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