Euclide, geometry constructions app, is back on track

Euclide, geometry constructions app, is back on track

While the abandoned Geometry Constructions tool for Inkscape still fails to find a new developer, Euclide sees development activity again.

In a nutshell, Euclide is a free crossplatform application tailored for geometry constructions.

Circles construction options in Euclide

The application provides quite a lot of ways to draw various geometric primitives and measure them. You can also change styles and use layers to separate parts of constructions. There's over a dozen of transforms you can apply to your constructions too.

Transforms options in Euclide

Since developement resumed in early September, Euclide got the following new features:

  • Vertical Line and Horizontal Line tools;
  • union and intersection of polygons;
  • complement of a domain;
  • rectangle by two corners.

Euclide is written in Java, so it runs virtually anywhere. You can download a ready to use package as well as source code here.

Sadly, unlike AlDraw, a newer attempt at the same feature set, Euclide doesn't yet provide an SVG exporter. Hopefully this will be addressed in the future.

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  1. Euclide is a good constructions app. I’ve been using it since it’s fully developed for real using purpose. Although latest development has done superbly and to build incredible constructive architecture sketches such tool is highly effective. Thanks.