Entangle app gets stop motion preview

Entangle app gets stop motion preview

Not happy with available Linux apps for stop motion animation? You might like checking out StopMotion preview plugin for Entangle.

Entangle is a somewhat underappreciated free Linux app for remote capturing of images with DSLRs. The StopMotion Preview plugin, created by Manuel Quiñones, adds a window that plays the existing sequence of captured snapshots in a loop, with configurable framerate.

Since Entangle makes it possible to overlay the last captured image with live view stream, you can effectively preview the next frame while doing a stop motion animation.

While it still doesn't solve the issue with the lack of DragonFrame-like software on Linux, it makes the basics easier to do. In other news, qStopMotion might have an official new release soon.

Grab the code at GitHub.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that Dragonframe 4 will include Linux support (though obviously it is not free or open-source).


  2. Awesome! Great work. I have been looking for a full replacement of the old dead Stopmotion project and this is perfect! Thank you!

  3. Hey Dyami, good to know.

    Just curious, are you the developer or developer of the Linux port?  Do you use free or open-source libraries in Dragonframe?

  4. Hi Manuel,

    Yes, I’m the developer.

    Dragonframe is built on top of the Qt framework, which is open-source. (Although we have a commercial license, of course.) We highly recommend it for anyone looking to do cross-platform work.

    Dragonframe also uses FFmpeg on all platforms. It’s attributed in the program’s About page.

    The program uses the Exiv2 library for parsing image metadata. The library can be used as free-software, though again, we have a commercial license for it.

    I think that’s the extent of open-source software in the program.

  5. For info, we’ve been working on adding stopmotion preview as a core feature too. That’s a video I published 2 months ago: http://youtu.be/_bAzOTttYkM

    But we still have some more work to do before merging.
    What I like in this plugin is also to have the preview in a separate window. I actually wanted to test and see which was more practical.

  6. Hello Manuel

    Your plugin seems to be very nice. But I’m stuck in the installation (Mint 17, Entangle last version) by an error on loading the plugin. Error message : plugin loader Python3 was not found.
    And it blocks the whole Entangle too. Any idea on solving this problem ?

  7. Pierre:

    Although I have not managed to get the plugin working with 0.6.0 build of Entangle (yet); to fix the issue do the following:

    open a terminal
    cd /.config/entangle/plugins/

    you should see the stop motion preview folder, or related files in this directory

    removed the folder, or files for the stop motion plugin by either opening a file-browser with root permissions, or “sudo rm -rf <folder name>”

    Restart entangle and it should, in theory, load up without issue.

  8. I have the stop motion preview plugin working now - it seems installing lazygal fixed the issue it was having locating a library GEvix2, or something along those lines.

  9. Manuel QuiƱones 20 January 2015 at 11:08 pm

    @Dyami thanks a lot for the information.  Is great to know there are open source libs in Dragonframe.

    @Jehan wow, I wasn’t aware of your work, you need to post it in entangle-devel ML :)  I can’t wait to see it merged!  Are you encoding a video to do the playback or displaying the images in memory?