Egg-bot, an Inkscape powered drawing robot

Egg-bot, an Inkscape powered drawing robot

Preorders are now open for Egg-bot — an Inkscape powered robot that can draw on spheric and geoid objects.

The very first version of this robot was created back in 1990 by Bruce Shapiro long before Inkscape was around and didn't even use computers at any rate.

Since then, as the website states, Bruce has created many art pieces and shop machines, and even went as far as creating permanent installations in the U.S. and Europe.


A year ago Bruce team up with his son Ben Trombley and engineer Brian Schmalz to work on a prototype of a new, computer driven version of the robot. Here is how that prototype looked:

New version prototype

And here is the final design of the robot that is finally available:

Final design

All drawings are done in Inkscape (even though you can use other applications) and sent for printing. If you need to use several colors, draw objects of those colors on separate layers and print those layers one by one, replacing pens.

Egg-bot can draw not only on spheres. It will also draw on light-bulbs, minipumpkins, wine glasses and so on. Any spheric or geoid objects from about 1.25" (32 mm) to 4.25" (108 mm) in diameter will do. The longest object can be 6.25" (16 cm).

Price of the kit is $199. You only need a computer with USB output and Windows, Linux or Mac OS X system on it..

Here is a demo video with the prototype:

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  1. Egg-bot is a great invention of modern technology. :) I watch the video trailer and it’s amazing for the Egg-bot drawing face. It’s really astonished to see how it works. ;)

    Thanks for such impressive allocate!