DSP programming language Faust is getting LV2 support

DSP programming language Faust is getting LV2 support

Albert Gräf released first public version of faust-lv2 — an attempt to mate Faust, a DSP programming language, with LV2, an API for effects and virtual instruments.

Faust is a quite interesting functional programming language for audio signal processing that can compile code for various audio APIs. It's already used by some free applications like Guitarix for programming effects and doing physical modeling.

It isn't the first time people try to do development of LV2 plugins with Faust. There already exists Foo YC-20 organ simulator by Sampo Savolainen, and Timo Westkämper made some interesting attempts to create a flute synth.

Foo YC-200 organ synth

However Albert took a slightly different approach and decided to resolve the issue on a more, should we say, architectural level. The final code is supposed to be submitted to upstream Faust  project so that compiling LV2 plugins with Faust  would be possible from ground up.

The package ships several effects and synth for testing purposes. If you are curious, make sure you have up to date dynmanifest LV2 extension and the new extension called urid.

By the way, Faust developers have just relaucnhed the website, uploaded more documentation for developers and added a new section with online samples.

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