DispcalGUI gets support for colord and ICC profiles database from SUSE

DispcalGUI gets support for colord and ICC profiles database from SUSE

Florian Höch released an update to dispcalGUI, an advanced application that generates ICC profiles for displays. The list of changes is short, but the new features are rather useful.

The first of those features is generating ICC profiles from EDID. Use Create profile from extended display identification data menu command in the Options menu to start the process:

Creating ICC profile from EDID in dispcalGUI

DispcalGUI asks you where you want to save the file, then suggests to install it for the current user or system-wide:

Installing a display profile via dispcalGUI

This feature, however, is nowhere close to the usefulness of support for colord, a new freedesktop framework for color management that was first adopted by Fedora and Ubuntu and is now becoming mainstream (read the interview with its lead developer for details). The app can query colord for current profile, as well as install and set the created profile. So if you prefer displcalGUI's expert options, but colord sounds like the right approach to you, they both now simply work together.

Additionally dispcalGUI is now able to upload display profiles to Taxi, an online ICC profiles database created during Google Summer of Code 2011 by Sebastian Oliva and currently hosted by SUSE. The database is meant to be a storage of ICC profiles useful in cases when you don't have a measurement device to do real calibration and characterization of exactly your hardware.

If you ever used the application before, you might notice that some advanced calibration options like ambient adjustment and black point correction aren't visible now. If you want them, use Show advanced calibration options menu command in the Options menu.

Source code and builds for various systems (Linux, Windows, Mac) are available from the homepage.

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  1. I’m always amazed by the high quality of the work of Florian Höch and by the argyll CMS team.  DispCalGUI is really an example.

    I love the single page website with the full documentation provided, and the way the software is proposed to download for multiplatform. An amazingly professional FLOSS app. Keep good job !