dispcalGUI gets official ColorHug support

dispcalGUI gets official ColorHug support

Florian Höch silently released a new version of dispcalGUI that officially supports ColorHug colorimeters on Linux.

Support for ColorHug, an open colorimeter by Richard Hughes, is now enabled by default on Linux, and device-specific measurement modes have become available in the application.

That is, however, far from being all the news. Actually, most of the changes are related to creating colorimeter correction files and either way improve user experience.

For instance, dispcalGUI will now try to reuse existing measurement files, e.g. the ones created as a by-product of profiling a display.

RGB bars and color temperature readouts

There are also few dozens of fixes including improved compatibility with colord and fixes to RGB bars and chromaticity/color temperature readouts when adjusting a whitepoint with blackbody target. For detailed list of changes please have a look here.

With this version (v1.0.7.7) dispcalGUI steps over the magic 1.0 border and enters the exciting territory of being expected to be stable enough by the masses. Downloads for various flavours of Linux, Windows and Mac are available.

Linux users are recommended to use a newer version of Argyll color management system which is the backend for dispcalGUI.

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  1. Nice :-) Now all we need is for http://www.hughski.com/ to put up a simple (gnomely simple) tutorial on using dispcalGUI to characterise with colorhug :-)