digiKam 2.1.0 released with panorama stitcher

digiKam 2.1.0 released with panorama stitcher

Gilles Caulier has just announced new version of the free photo management application digiKam that now features a panorama stutching wizard available as a KIPI plug-in.

Panorama Tool in digiKam 2.1.0

The Panorama Tool was created during Google Summer of Code 2011 program and makes use of various tools created by Hugin developers, including Celeste — a small app that detects moving clouds and removes control points from them. The wizard is a bit like Assistant from Hugin, so there's not much re-learning involved.

Other changes in KIPI plug-ins include 10 bugfixes and a newly added exporter to vkontakte.ru, a popular Russian social network.

As for digiKam itself, it got 53 bugfixes and some cool improvements in the dialog for downloading images from camera. E.g. now it fetches thumbnails much faster, and you can download new items with just one click.

Source code is available for downloading. Expect updates in repository for your Linux distribution.

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  1. Good. Really good. Hugin is a great tool but is often quite a bit of a hassle to use for beginners.

    I’m hoping this will improve on the usability, at least by providing a shorter path from the camera to the panorama.

  2. Well, the Hugin folks did say they view their app primarily as experimental thing for advanced users to explore full possibilities of panorama stitching, projections and whatnot. So it’s only to be expected, I guess.

  3. Hugin is a must have for photographers and editors. This along with PTGui renders wonderful results. I’m yet to test the full functionality of this tool cuz I’m hooked onto PTGui :)