Development of Resynthesizer plug-in for GIMP is resumed

Development of Resynthesizer plug-in for GIMP is resumed

Sometimes good news don't come in ones as well: the abandoned Resynthesizer plug-in for GIMP that was 8 years early to do what Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop CS5 does has been picked by a new developer, cleaned-up, rewritten and uploaded as v1.0.

The point of Resynthesizer, if you recall, is that it allows you effectively erasing unwanted objects from images by replacing empty bits with surrounding bits in a way that makes the result look disturbingly undoctored. Here is a well-known demo of the previous version of the plug-in:

Lloyd Konneker, who is our new hero, picked the plug-in, fixed some bugs, added alpha channel neutrality and, in fact, rewrote the whole thing in C, separating it into core and UI. He also rewrote in Python popular scripts that made use of Resynthesizer.

A Windows build is a work in progress, the existing archive contains binary files for Linux which you can install to ~/.gimp-2.x/plug-ins/. Just don't forget adding execution bit to all .py files using chmod or file properties dialog in your file manager of choice.

The plug-ins and the scripts are distributed across three submenus in Filters menu: Enhance, Map and Render.

The restarted development is happening at Github.

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  1. this is cool news :)

  2. Sweeter the la Sweet tool. Want to work with it.