darktable 1.6.0 released with support for X-Trans and obnoxiously large files

darktable 1.6.0 released with support for X-Trans and obnoxiously large files

Just in time for the coming holidays, a new version of darktable is out for those interested in digital photography and shooting to RAW.

While the new Slideshow mode is probably the most visible change, there's a sleigh of what one might extremely reluctuntly call minor new features and improvements.

darktable 1.6.0

Here are some of the most interesting changes:

  • support for HiDPI/Retina display, plus there's an OSX build again;
  • support for arbitrarily sized images, 26770x13385 large TIFFs successfully tested;
  • TIFF support completely rewritten, reads and writes 32bit float files now;
  • JPEG files are exported with user-defined PPI value now (defaults to 300);
  • color space conversions got faster thank to using OpenMP via LittleCMS;
  • new defringe image processing filter added;
  • the levels and lens correct plugins got an auto mode;
  • linear Rec2020 is now available as a built-in profile.

Notably, the team seems to be hitting off with the Magic Lantern team beautifully. Another new feature in this release is a new color reconstruction mode ('reconstrict color') for highlight recovery. The idea behind it is to bring back both color and structure to clipped areas, and it was contribuited by one of ML developers. Moreover, the next release (presumably, v1.8) is likely to feature deflicker and dual-ISO from Magic Lantern.

The full list of changes is up on the project's website. You can fetch source code and installation instructions at http://www.darktable.org/install/.


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  1. Software like this can be important for not only photography but scanning as well. High quality image editors can be expensive, and open source projects like this help individuals and business optimize their workflow, while saving money.

    Appreciate the work from darktable!

  2. I love this picture, thank you for sharing

  3. The software is great, thank you!

  4. I like this soft. They release often, it’s easy to use and powerful. I
    can’t find the donate button on the website, those guys deserve at least a beer.

  5. @1ko: the Darktable team apparently doesn’t take donations, but they have urged people to donate to Libre Graphics Meeting: http://www.darktable.org/2013/02/call-for-lgm-donations/

    LGM 2014 fundraiser still has not met its goal, so you could chip in with a few bucks:

  6. Thank you for sharing