darktable 0.9.2 released with performance improvements

darktable 0.9.2 released with performance improvements

It looks like the dream to have a series of bugfix releases in darktable has really come true. The new version of this digital photography workflow application for Linux and Mac has just a few new features, yet comes with several performance improvements.

The really big change is support for tiling that improves performance of some really resource-hungry processing plug-ins, both OpenCL and not OpenCL based. Additionally some plug-ins, such as demoisaic and zone system, got all kinds of optimizations resulting in faster application of changes and faster exporting. The work was mostly done by Ulrich Pegelow and Rostyslav Pidgornyi.

darktable 0.9.2 with framing and watermark plug-ins

The only two new features are two new experimental plug-ins, both currently disabled by default:

  1. Invert by Tobias Ellinghaus is created for color inversion of scanned negatives, hence so far it works only on images like TIFF and JPEG, not Raw.
  2. Lowpass by Ulrich Pegelow is, one might say, the opposite of the highpass plug-in.

Two existing plug-ins have been slightly modified too. The Graduated Density filter now accepts negative EV values. That is, if you took a picture where ground is normally exposed and the sky is underexposed, you can brighten up the sky while keeping ground intact by going for -1EV or -2EV density and changing rotation to 180°.

The second modified plug-in is Watermark which is now applied after the Framing plug-in so that you could place a watermark on the frame like in the screenshot above.

The next version of darktable is going to have some interesting new features. The darktable organization just got confirmation from Google that Robert Bieber, the Summer of Code student, has successfully passed his final evaluation, and there are no less than three small-to-large changes from his project to merge: improvements in shortcuts system, Levels plug-in and a completely revamped Color picker with Photoshop and GIMP-like sample points functionality.

In fact there are several more projects that are a work in progress by Henrik Andersson: search for similar images, masks and exposure fusion/focus stacking. We'll see which of them will be ready for 0.9.3.

All the information on installation and download links are available here.

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  1. Great release. The performance improvement is impressive.
    I’m having a problem though (it’s not new, it was iirc from 0.9). The default matrix as input profile isn’t working properly, it rotates the hue of the entire image (RAW images from a Canon A590IS with CHDK).
    Using default matrix with UFRAW works fine, but not here.
    Any ideas?

  2. Unlike DCRaw used in UFRaw, Rawspeed doesn’t play nicely with CHDK. Try submitting your files to Rawstudio bugtracker (Rawspeed is their project) for Klaus to have a look at.

  3. Would you mind adding a note on the «install» page that the “experimental release for mac osx” of 0.9.2 is 64bit only:

    cd /Volumes/Darktable/Darktable.app/Contents/MacOS/bin/
    file *
    darktable:        Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64
    -cltestMach-O 64-bit executable x86_64
    -fasterBourne-Again shell script text executable
    -viewerMach-O 64-bit executable x86_64 

    … or forward it to the darktable team?

  4. @su-v Just have fixed that in Git, thanks! It’s up to Jo to sync website to Git now.

  5. Hi, I tried running Darktable on Mac OSX 10.7 64 bit macbook. When i click to launch app, it bounces in dock and then stops and never loads up. I had a similar problem with Raw Therapee on Lion and found this fix: http://code.google.com/p/rawtherapee/issues/detail?id=884.
    I tried applying the same fix on Darktable. It allowed Darktable to Launch but all icons and fonts are squares. Impossible to work with. please advise.