darktable 0.6: tethered shooting and lots of new plugins

darktable 0.6: tethered shooting and lots of new plugins

The darktable team released new version of this digital photography workflow tool.

What's new:

  • database backend rewrite made the app faster;
  • importing directly from cameras;
  • tethered shooting via gPhoto (over 100 supported cameras);
  • background jobs indicator for importing and exporting tasks;
  • exporting plug-in was modularized and has three storage back-end now: saving to files, emailing and exporting to Picasa WebAlbums;
  • exporting to OpenEXR was added;
  • lighttable now has color labels to boost workflow;
  • filmstrip was added to darkroom mode;
  • custom plug-in preset are available now;
  • several interpolation methods were snatched from RawTherapee;
  • gamma and linearity plug-in is back (under a new name) to satisfy Nikon user;
  • GIMP-like cropping on canvas, proof of concept perspective correction;
  • chromatic aberrations fix in the lensfun plug-in;
  • new darkroom plug-ins: channel mixer, local contrast, denoise, vignetting, film grain, split toning, velvia, color transfer.

You can download source code or use an Ubuntu PPA.

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