Cycles enters Blender SVN, shows up on

Cycles enters Blender SVN, shows up on

Cycles, a new rendering system by Brecht van Lommel that we covered recently, is now being worked on in a dedicated branch of Blender SVN.

It also got its own corner in Blender's wiki, where you can read more about project's status with info on design of Cycles to come later. What's even more important, Cycles enabled builds are now available from

By the way, was recently redesigned to provide cleaner interface and now also features experimental builds of GIMP from Git master for Debian Sid.

Update: as n-pigeon pointed out (thanks a lot!), there is now a mailing list for Cycles developers and interested parties too.

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  1. gimp build works on ubuntu (11.04) too if someone want’s

    and here is special mailing list for cycles :)

  2. @n-pigeon: Thanks a lot! Added it to the news :)